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With datapeer agents, teams have an assistant that provides them with the information they need to achieve better results.

Time Optimization

It frees teams from administrative tasks, allowing them to spend more time executing and less time managing.

Increase in Productivity

Provides tools for more effective management of activities, which translates into an increase in the production of results.

Data-driven Decisions

Provide your teams with valuable information and analysis in real time, improving decision making.

Meet our datapeers

We train each DataPeer to assist your company's teams in specific domains and key activities


Danna for Supply Chain

From demand forecasting and inventory management to logistics optimization and operations monitoring for timely alert


Carter for Sales

By streamlining data entry and reporting workflows, it allows sales reps to focus on building relationships and closing deals more effectively.


Max for Projects

By providing actionable insights and automating routine tasks, you improve productivity, reduce project timelines, and encourage more informed decision-making, leading to successful project outcomes.

Automate Team’s

Goals Tracking

Load or integrate your team's goals, Our agents will be responsible for notifying the fulfillment of the goals, facilitating the registration of new tasks and reporting the general status of compliance.



Automation and

Prioritization of Tasks

Automatic monitoring of records and developments in particular matters of the sales and portfolio teams, projects and supply chain

Consult and Log information

by writing in a chat

Our agents allow users to view information (such as sales data, performance metrics, or portfolio levels) by simply typing a question into a WhatsApp, Slack, or Teams chat.

Carter 4

Carter 5

Access to

Knowledge Base

Make all training resources and guidelines available to your teams, just a question away.

The help is always


Our agents works in the applications your team already has and knows how to use, such as WhatsApp, Slack, or Teams.


Featured Use Cases

Monitoring and alerting of incidents in orders with Danna AI

Danna, by integrating with corporate information sources, actively monitors the status of supply and delivery orders. Generate alerts for required actions and communicate these alerts through WhatsApp, Slack or Teams, guaranteeing an immediate and effective response. In addition, users can consult Danna via message about the current status of orders; Danna will be responsible for contacting suppliers directly to obtain an accurate update and subsequently provide a detailed report of the current order status.

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Sales and Portfolio Alerts with Carter AI

Carter is in charge of monitoring key statuses of the client portfolio, generating daily alerts about clients who must have their portfolio charged or manage a credit limit overflow. The user receives an Excel file with the cases, follows them up and records them in Excel, and then returns them via WhatsApp. Carter is responsible for recording the information in the database or ERP and when the portfolio report is consulted with a message, Carter will deliver the current status report.

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Experience the future

of management, today

Discover how DataPeers can help you achieve outstanding results with AI agents trained to support your teams.

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